William Jumper
William Jumper

William Jumper

$ 35.00

This modern jumper makes your dog look cute and protects your house from dog hair. Fleece lining makes this jumper great for cold weather and a roomy fit makes it great for more muscular dogs!

Why we love it:

  • Simple and modern design
  • Deep cut under belly and roomy arms
  • Lined with soft, warm fleece
  • Keeps your house clean from dog hair
  • Hand-crafted in USA


SIZE        SHIRT LENGTH    WEIGHT (Rough Guide)
Small       10"                       3-8 lbs                 Perfect for Chihuahua
Medium   13.5"                    8-18 lbs               Perfect for Pomeranian
Large      17"                      18-30                   Perfect for French Bulldog
XL          19"                       40-55                   Perfect for English Bulldog