Aspen Hoodie

Aspen Hoodie

$ 55.00

A slick diamond pattern perfect for energetic pups. Lightweight and stretchy...perfect for a walk around town!

All hoodies include a hole underneath the hood for leashes & harnesses.

This Thick jumper will keep your pup warm and cozy

Medium Stretch


    SIZE        SHIRT LENGTH    NECK        CHEST
    Small      10"                       6"-10"       8"-11"      Perfect for Small Chihuahua         
    Medium   11.5"                   9"-12"       12"-16"  Perfect for Pomeranian 
    Large      14.5"                   12"-17"      17"-22"  Perfect for French Bulldog
    XL          16.5"                   16"-20"      20"-25"  Perfect for Small English Bulldog