Zac Hoodie
Zac Hoodie

Zac Hoodie

$ 59

This classic hoodie with a custom rose patch makes your dog look chic, while protecting your house from dog hair. All hoodies include a hole underneath the hood for leashes & harnesses! Pairs well with the Beverly Hoodie.


  • Minimal grey and white pattern
  • Custom rose patch
  • Thick fabric to keep pup warm
  • Low stretch


Size Back Neck Chest Perfect For
Small 8.5" 10" 13" Tea Cup Yorkie
Medium 10" 12" 18" Pomeranian
Large 12.5" 16" 22" French Bulldog
Extra Large 16" 20" 27" English Bulldog


Please note this size chart is only a guideline and measurements are approximate depending on stretch of product.